About Us

Hi, and welcome to our vacation rental by owner site. We cordially invite you to experience that little "extra" that only comes from a personal involvement. We own these homes ourselves and take pride in creating a comfortable atmosphere for our vacationers.

We both hail from the North (Ken from Buffalo and Marilyn from Chicago) but have lived in the South West since the fifties. We have lived in beautiful Sedona, Arizona since 1992 but regularly travel to our 3 other vacation rental sites to enjoy and make sure they are in top shape for our vacationers.

Marilyn Marilyn is a visual artist with her own studio/gallery here in Sedona. You may visit her website at http://www.sedonapaintings.com. She answers your emails from the gallery. Marilyn's background is in both visual art and music. She was a professional trumpet player.

Ken Ken, is a lyric baritone singer (having sung leading roles in countless shows in the past) and an avid golfer. Ken is retired from a career as an electronic sales engineer. In addition to golf, he now enjoys singing Broadway Show tunes in the evenings at the gallery as well as dealing with all our vacationers.

John Son, John Erickson lives in the San Francisco Bay area and teaches golf on line. His students come from countries all over the world. His web page is www.lagpressure.com. He is also a musician & song writer. He helps with our vacation rentals.

P.S. Did we mention our "manager" of the Tennessee Division and daughter Kenlyn's boss, Mr. Jellybean?

Mr. Jellybean